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Testimonials of Kindness Amid the Coronavirus

Share your Stories of Kindness and Humanity related to the Pandemic

The Coronavirus Kindness Project will soon be collecting testimonial stories of acts of kindness amid the cornonavirus. If you have given, received, or observed an act of kindness during this global pandemic, we invite you to share it with us. By sharing your story, you may inspire others to engage in their own act of kindness, both locally and globally. Your testimonials may also contribute to an ongoing research project aimed at better understanding how acts of kindness arise and are spread during a global pandemic.

Would you like to share your story of kindness?


If you have any questions about out project, please contact us at: coronaviruskindnessproject@gmail.com

Ottawa, Canada  | Example Testimonial #1This is an example of where the tesimonials will appear...